A high-performance custom spring to stand out

Today, it is essential for every company to stand out. Several options are available to them. One of them is the performance on the product quality and productivity gains. When every company are more and more efficient, it is the details that will make the difference and that will will make the customer choose you. The spring is a part that may seem harmless but will make you more efficient, if it fails it is the grain of sand that can waste you a lot of time. The custom spring is a solution that allows you to perfectly adapt to your needs, whether in terms of dimensions or in terms of the environment in which the part works. The fact that these elements are taken into account on a case-by-case basis allows for productivity gains.

Ressort sur mesure par REM REssort

The benefits of a custom-made spring

Recall a mechanism in its initial position or at rest

Slow down, dampen or even limit the end of a stroke

Guide, protect, lock a movement or cable

Conserve potential energy

Solve problems with springs that break, relax, rust...

We can study these solutions with you to meet all your needs in terms of custom springs.

Provide you with solutions

The company REM Ressorts has been involved in the production of springs for more than 35 years and now has extensive experience and know-how. We focus primarily on customer needs and strive to provide the best solution to their request. Our primary knowledge is the work of wire, in large and small sections. Indeed, there are as many possible springs as there may be needs. That is why we work exclusively on a custom-made spring to provide the best product. The wire forms can be declined, depending on the use for which the spring is to be used. To be able to best meet the needs that the different sectors of activity may have, we work on the 5 ranges of springs as a whole which are : Compression springs, tension springs, torsion springs, flat springs and form wires. Each range can be declined by acting on the ends or on the spring body for example. The objective of the custom-made realization is that the manufacturing process can be followed by the customer. Indeed, when we talk about custom-made products, it also evokes the notion of personalization. This is why we design your product in co-design based on your plans, your dimensions or the application of your part. From then on, a hand-in-hand support and work is carried out in order to best meet your needs. Your challenges and constraints are the priority. The sales department and the design office are at your disposal to give you the best advice and find the best solution to your request. To bring the best solution to your problem, it is not only a work of know-how for what will be made of the spring but it is also an upstream work for everything that will be designed of the part. A great sense of listening at your disposal is necessary so that together the spring is adapted to your requirements and becomes a factor of productivity gain. Make your quote now by contacting us for a personalized proposal based on your needs. REM Ressorts, your manufacturer of custom-made springs.